"Our birth experiences as women shape us and it is something we carry deep in our hearts for most of our lives. To have a child's mother loved, safe and nurtured while she is giving birth is the greatest gift you can give to an unborn child."
- Erica Falk

At San Mateo Doula, we are expanding and evolving our model of care to be able to continue serving you with the absolute best individualized care.


To help better serve our families San Mateo Doula is offering 2 Prenatal sessions.

One prenatal visit is a 1.5 hour "Birth Preferences" class over Zoom/Google Hangout. the second in-person Prenatal class provided at your home by Erica Falk, one Postpartum follow up / Newborn care and Sleep Consultation hosted by Ashley Richards.

Offering Continuous labor support, On-call @ 38 weeks, with back-up support till your baby is born. 


Postpartum check-ins and support available via, text, phone, video or email are offered for the first 4 weeks after delivery will also be.


Two prenatals include: 2 focusing on your childbirth education, birth preferences, phases of labor, positioning, coping techniques, and much more & 1 partner specific session.

This third session is focused on coaching the partner how to best support the birthing woman during labor and to address any individualized questions or concerns. We specifically want to extend our support to the partner during the birth process.

We are here for you & available to support and guide you and your partner in person or via FaceTime, Portal, Zoom and Google Hangouts. Erica and Ashley have successfully helped many clients through pregnancy, labor, and postpartum with remote video conferencing. Helping birthing families to make informed, evidence based decisions including positioning support, providing individualized information, visual aids to help facilitate progress, all while educating and supporting the family during the process of birth. 

Now more than ever, we want to give you peace of mind.